PPRISM delivers the first European Port Performance Dashboard

With the PPRISM project, ESPO has taken a first step in establishing a culture of performance measurement in European ports. The two year PPRISM project, co-funded by the European Commission, delivers a shortlist of indicators that form the basis of a future European Port Observatory which will take the form of a Port Sector Performance Dashboard. The Dashboard contains well defined indicators, that are accepted by stakeholders and measure performance trends in the European port sector. The Dashboard will not publish or compare the performance of individual ports or terminals, but focus on the performance of the port system as a whole.

ESPO members, in particular the ESPO Technical Committees, have actively participated in the project by providing expert advice, assessing the suitability of potential indicators and by providing data to test the feasibility of the proposed indicators. Thus, the final list of indicators has been tested, with a positive result. ESPO is most grateful to all members for the efforts and time devoted and looks forward to the follow-up of PPRISM.

The PPRISM project was completed in January 2012 following the delivery of four Work Packages and the fulfilment of all the objectives initially set. The achievements of PPRISM can be summarised as follows:

– PPRISM provides a final set of indicators that are relevant and both accepted by port stakeholders and detailed in terms of methods for data collection and analysis. These indicators contribute to provide insight into the overall performance of the European port system and, notably, the environmental, socio-economic and supply chain performance, and to provide an updated picture of the port sector in terms of governance models and market structure.

– The project has tested in real conditions the implementation of 14 port performance indicators of the European port system.

– PPRISM delivers essential data for the development of the first version of the Port Performance Dashboard in 2012 which was presented at the ESPO conference. The Dashboard also serves as a support tool for ports’ own management programmes and for self assessment.

– The project delivers a concrete proposal on how to set up and articulate a European Port Observatory, presenting recommendations on its organisational, process-related and financial characteristics and an implementation plan.

– PPRISM represents a big step towards establishing a culture of measuring and reporting port performance in European ports. Port professionals across Europe have been involved through ESPO in this learning exercise and are committed now to continue the work started.

– PPRISM results will be disseminated to other port systems in the world.

– Knowledge and experiences derived from PPRISM are consolidated in five education, training and dissemination modules to be used for the purposes of the European Port Observatory and for academic and dissemination purposes.

– The development of PPRISM website that enhances the dissemination of the project to the interested parties and makes available the project results.  

A new data collection round will be launched after the summer. To that end a user-friendly interface is being developed.


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