The general objective of the project is to identify a key list of sustainable, relevant and feasible indicators that would allow monitoring the overall performance of the European Port System and assess its impact on the society, the environment and the economy of the EU.

To that end, the project proposal sets out three specific objectives to accomplish:

  • First, the project aims to create a typology of sustainable, relevant and feasible port performance indicators, covering five categories (market trends and structure, socio-economic impact, environmental performance, logistic chain & operational performance and governance) and to assess their suitability to be implemented at EU level, in terms of EU relevance, data availability (feasibility), comparability, transparency and public-private stakeholders’ requirements and acceptance. This will result in a shortlist of indicators that could form the basis of a future European Port Observatory, with clear definitions and methods for data collection and analysis.
  • The second specific objective is to lay the groundwork for a future European Port Observatory by providing a concrete proposal on how to set up and articulate a European Port Observatory, presenting recommendations on its organisational, process-related and financial characteristics.
  • The third specific objective is to validate the results of the project through a pilot project that would allow implementing the short list of indicators at an EU-wide scale and put into practice the European Port Observatory as defined.

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